Combining Banking and Investment

Stop relying on the bank to manage your money, sign-up for Mosaic to combine your accounts and invest today.

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Investing is Broken. 

To the financial sector, you’re just a number. To Mosaic, you’re a mate.

Banks and wealth managers make money out of disconnected and unnecessarily complex products. Your bank accounts don’t speak to each other and work for your bank, not for you.


Mosaic is a Combined Financial Experience 

Mosaic is the account built for a connected future through a platform that combines savings, investment and cash into one seamless product.

This allows us to streamline access to investing in whatever you want, whenever you want.


Driven by Data

The Mosaic Engine dynamically responds to personal spending habits and activity in order to allocate money between cash and investments to maximise your returns, not the banks.

In other words, we make money when you do.



We’re coming soon.

We’ll be launching in the next few months starting with Mosaic ßeta – you’ll be able to invest in real markets with test currency.
For those who invest well, we’ll be giving early access to Mosaic before we launch in 2018.

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