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Account Protection

At Mosaic we take your privacy very seriously, and use bank-level security on all of our products. All personal information stored with Mosaic is encrypted and communicated securely using SSL and 128-bit encryption.

We are also required by the Privacy Act 1988 to take certain steps when collection your personal information – for more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Account Details

If at any point you wish to create, vary or delete an account with Mosaic and are unable to do so, please contact us directly at

Signing up for Mosaic

As Mosaic is currently under construction, we are unable to offer a fully functioning version of the Application. However, we encourage you to trail MosaicBeta which allows you to trade $1000 of virtual currency in preparation for the launch of Mosaic in 2018, and signup to our mailing list to receive further information and ongoing updates.

Why Mosaic

Mosaic is the only platform available in Australia that allows you to fractionally invest, in major brands both domestically and globally for less than $1.

Forgotten Password

If you’ve forgotten your password, please contact us directly to reset on the spot or use the live chat. We will have your account recovered within 2 hours.

We will have functionality in place to handle on the spot account recovery shortly.

Trading on Mosaic

Mosaic allows users to invest in a list of popular global and domestic equities with the touch of a button. Trades are executed at 16:30 AEST standard time, at the market price at the time of execution.

Orders and Executions

When users place an order on the Mosaic Platform, that order is first matched to a corresponding internal buyer or seller where appropriate. If an order is unable to be met from internal demand, then the order is filled via external markets.

The price executed is the market price at the time of sale.

How does it work

At Mosaic, we have a legal structure and investment engine working in the background to enable us to streamline the process of investing for you. If you would like more information please contact us directly.

Day or Option Trading

Mosaic does not allow day or option trading.

Tax Centre

All corresponding taxation document will generated at the End of Financial Year, or earlier upon request. Mosaic does not assume any liability for any tax related incidents that fall on individual investors and we recommend speaking to a tax advisor where appropriate.

About MosaicBeta

MosaicBeta is the first publicly available development of the Mosaic product. In it we are giving participants $1000 of virtual currency to invest in real companies both domestically and globally – while using the MosaicBeta interface.

Feedback and Testing

At this is the Beta version of the product, we advise all users that there may be small technical glitches and continual updates of the Application. We are thankful for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Further, we welcome any feedback in any form and are also looking to conduct test groups during the second half of 2017. If you are interested we encourage you to get in contact with us directly.


As part of the MosaicBeta launch, there will be competitions running throughout the trial period. Current users will receive notifications of upcoming competitions as well as invites sent to our mailing list. All competitions will be made readily available and accessible though our Website. For any further questions we encourage you to contact us directly.

Changes to your account

Should you for any reason need to change your account (incorrect email, changing password etc.), this can generally be completed by navigating to the setting page of the Mosaic Application. This is located by sliding the Home Screen to the right, then clicking the settings icon located at the top left-hand of the page.

For any other matters that can not be resolved through through this interface please get in contact with us directly.


Located in the same place (at the top right of the page) is a referral link. This will automatically generate an email allowing you to send to your friends and family an invite to MosaicBeta. You will also receive an extra $10 of virtual currency for each new successful application.

Delete my Account

We are in the process of creating an account deletion interface on MosaicBeta. Until such time that it has been integrated, please contact us at and notify us of your intention to delete your account. This will be processed as soon as possible.

Who is Mosaic

Mosaic is a Financial Services Company founded by Sam Nixon and Matt Jones in early 2017. Mosaic currently resides in Stone & Chalk in the Sydney CBD, and is backed by one of Australia’s most notable investors – H2 Ventures.

What is their Story

Matt and Sam met during a Hackathon event in 2016 hosted by H2 Ventures. After spending 48 hours building an investment framework to help Millennials have access to the housing market they realised that the problem was with investing more broadly, and thus Mosaic was born.

How do Mosaic make Money

As Mosaic is in the Beta Stage of product development, there is not fee to use their services. In the future, the Mosaic Application will charge 99c per trade.


We are looking for smart, financially aware individuals with a passion for investing, finance and technology. If you live and breathe innovation and are interested in joining the team at Mosaic, please refer to Career Page for more information.

Mosaic API and Integration

Mosaic does not have a publicly available API but are working to provide a platform in the future. If you are interested in working with our API please navigate to our Developer Page and leave an expression of interest.

Contact Us

Sam Nixon can be contacted for all matters related to finance and legal aspects of the business at

Matt Jones can be contacted for all matters relating to technology and design aspects of the business at

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